Yes ! I want to be very close to XHC token investors. I’m 32, live in Poland, studied Economics. Since late 2013 associated with “Crypto World”. In early years (2014-2016) studied a lot about blockchain, bitcoins, alts, mining, protocol changes etc. Have builded mining rig, tried to speculate on margin/derivatives. In 2016 I started crypto/fiat arbitrage  and made 140% return in a year which was my pivot point. Started to educate about hedge funds strategies and how they generate yield. While acquiring knowledge started to see oportunities/yield in crypto markets. Tested many ideas on my own capital, learned a lot and had good returns. Started to keep records since june 2019 (you can read more in performance section). Also Ill be attending “crypto conferences” where we can talk in person. 

Professional’s ICO (pretty looking graphics, colorful tables, nice fonts, spam(facebook ads and emails) pricing is ~$50k USD + 1-5k USD per month (for SEO and spam posts on FB fanpage about how this projects is awesome). I hope to attract investors who values product quality over shiny wrapping. 

I believe ICO/token is the most fair and optimal way for funding. I also considered private equity/venture capital way but found it unfair/expensive for investors who join project in later phase. 

As long as there are opportunities to beat benchmark (for me crypto benchmark is 11-15%, competition uses lower values of 4-8%) there is a purpose to run the project. If market conditions strongly changes special redemption will occur. (you can read more on page 11-12 of white paper).

Please use “Contact” tab where you should find email address to contact me directly. Also you can use Bitcointalk thread and ask your question there as I will be responding on a regular basis / or your question might have been already asked and answered. 

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